• Image of Starkraft Manuskriptz Poster

18" x 24" (front and back) Flex Poster

Upon Tiamat Ziglaq Serapheem Raphael/ Medincine From Alpha Cha (RA 08h 18m 31.55319s DEC −76° 55′ 10.9964) / Neteru Medan Lunarian/ Maat Khat Kaba Wab Shemsu Siah/ Nilchail Naphish Aran Heru/ Fuqima Afura/ Idriys Lamumba/ Magnetic Thrill Sequence/ Highly Confrontational/ Plans and Key

This poster is accompanied by a Camarilla Masktape™ to break down the meanings of the symbols, mask, and dialect used in this arrangement.